Sky-Watcher - Star Adventurer MINI Wi-Fi (SAM Astro Bundle) inkl.50205/50202/50203

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(Beinhaltet SAM, Polhöhenwiege und L-Schiene)

Function Star Adventurer Mini
WiFi (wireless) capability Yes
Free App with easily multifunction-parameter setting (iOS/Android) Yes
Multi-language support Yes
standard short exposure time-lapse photography Yes
long exposure time-lapse photography Yes
Astro-time lapse photography Yes
Solar, lunar and sidereal tracking rates for astrophotography Yes
Supports Star-Scape photography Yes
Weight (Kg) 0,65
Dimension (mm) 76 x70 x103
Max Payload 3 kg
Duration of Operation up to 24 hours
Power AAx2 or USB
Mounting Connections Dual threaded socket (allow you do timelapse without EQ wedge)
PE Larger (typical ±25 ~ 30 arc-seconds)*
Life time free firmware upgrade Yes
DSLR shutter control Yes
Built-in motor protection and status indicators Yes
DSLR shutter control Yes


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Skywatcher Schwalbenschwanz L-Schiene für Star Adventurer Skywatcher Schwalbenschwanz L-Schiene für Star Adventurer
41,00 € *
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